This website contains a few songs that I have transcribed. There are midifiles, audiofiles and sheets music.
My purpose is pedagogic : understanding Jazz by playing every single note of every instrument of a standart.

I tried to stick to the original in every desk of the band. In the best of my ability. It's true for the Leads, the Piano, and the Bass. The midifiles reflects this accuracy as well. But with accuracy you get wrong notes, often.

About sheets music : for those standarts, I'm offering an accurate score for the Piano. Sometimes better than what I found afterwards in books.
I must also warn you that in some cases the transcriptions are not complete : in Fly with the wind you wont find the complete flute solo for example. It's mentioned in the description.
When I worked on this version it was synched to the original one. That means that the tempo is always changing, following as acurately as I can the tempo's variations of the record.
The resulting midifile doesn't reflects these changes : no tempo master track in this format
You can find that in the demos some instruments are not very well played, or sounding. There is a few reasons to this. The first one is that it's mainly played to be printed.
But, if you find that the demo or midi Piano isn't 'in place' or played staccato etc, please dont contact me. These midifiles are for educational purpose only, not to clone the interpretation of a jazzman. I prefer transcribing a new rhythm section perfectly for a new standart rather than wasting two days on a Tatum phrase !! As soon as I've got the piano score I stop.
Another reason is that I play generally each hand separately and dont apply pedaling. I do this afterward when it's really needed, for the demo.
Of course this consideration is not applicable to the drum and bass. As the goal is to got a tempo flexible midi comping, in the purpose of slowing it a bit for learning, or for getting a good rythmic section, I need a perfect bass. This one is generally half-quantised till it sounds good. The less is the best, and I try to play it well the first time but often I really need to quantise.

You could think that sometimes my piano scores are expensive. To give you an idea, the easiest piece on this website took me several weeks. Just syncing a song takes one day.
Transcribing (re-playing everything in fact) takes several weeks, and editing the score several again. And at the end when it's done I need to check out : it involves several 'printing, playing, editing' passes again...
Moreover, for a few Tatums, I had to transcribe several recording sessions to find out what he really played.For instance, I've probably transcribed every 'Begin the beguine' version (5 maybe, unfortunately not still ready for selling). Transcribing 'I know that you know' took several passes over several years...
And please feel free to contact me for any reason. I generally answer in minutes.