The Pawnbroker

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If 'touch' means something, it's in this piece that it finds its full meaning.
Unfortunately the musical notation cannot render every subtlety of the composition.
Monty likes to arpeggiate chords under the melody, often in reverse, from top to bottom. The upper note, belonging to the melody, is the loudest but in some cases, one inner note is delayed, very slightly, and slightly emphasized as well. I didn't find in Cubase a way to specify that one note must be louder into a chord, nor do I know how to specify a slight delay...
The music is breathtaking : if I should bring one single song with me on a desert island, I would probably bring this one.
Monty shows here all his poetry, especially in the introduction. It recalls the greatest pages of Debussy, but using the Jazz language. He succeeds also to draw unheard pianistic sounds out of his Yamaha.
The recording is just perfect bringing also Monty's breathing.
A splendor...


score demo: