On green dolphin street

as played by: 


Personnel: Oscar Peterson (piano), Sam Jones (bass), Bobby Durham (drums)
The score ends up at the end of the piano solo, when bass solo begins (at ~04:04)... (The final theme is pretty similar to its first exposition...)

This recording changed two lives. Not lesss !
One day, in July 1976, my cousin, Franck Amsallem went for the Holidays to my home, in Paris. We both were studying classical piano since our yougest age, into a french Conservatoire...

I was 15, and Jazz was not on my todo list. I already knew that I would be a professional musician, but, even if I begun Jazz at 11, it was really out of scope in the 70's.
At this time, our musical attention was drawn by the ... electricity !
We were listening to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Franck Zappa, Mahavishnu orchestra, Carlos Santana, Genesis, Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, and every pianist was really dazzled by Keith Emerson performances at the legendary Moog